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Kathleen Ganley
Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

“…On behalf of the Government of Alberta, I commend and congratulate all of the participants of the Alberta Court Interpreters Association’s 2016 summer training course…”

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September 2017
Topic: Strategies in Simultaneous Interpretation
Instructor: Debra Russell
Date: September 28, 2017
Time: 1:30 – 3:30PM
Venue: Calgary Courthouse, Court room # 1406

Aug-2017,   Date: Aug 02/2017  Topic: Domestic Violence by Homefront

Jul-2017,     Date: July 2017        Topic: Summer Training Postponed. Date to be determined later

May-2017,  Date: May 20/2017  Topic: Annual General Meeting

Apr-2017,   Date: April 12/2017 Topic: Police Cautions By Dr.Debra Russell

Mar-2017,  Date: Mar 22/2017  Topic: Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment By Court Staff

Feb-2017,   Date: Feb 28/2017  Topic: Courtroom Vocabulary by Alex Zisman

Dec-2016,  Date: Dec 14/2016  Topic: Traffic Section by CPS

Nov-2016,  Date: Nov 24/2016 Topic: Questioning Style: Getting to the truth of it all by Dr. Debra Russell

Oct-2016,   Date: Oct 20/2016 Topic: Introduction to Court Interpreting by Alex Zisman

Sep-2016,   Date: Sep 14/2016 Topic: Impaired Driving and the use of Breathalyzer Equipment by CPS

Aug-2016,  Date: Aug 17-21/2016 Topic: Summer training and Workshops



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