Our Story

The Alberta Court Interpreters Association was incorporated on December 9, 2004 in accordance with the Alberta Societies Act, under the mentorship of the Honourable Assistant Chief Judge Brian Stevenson and the Honourable Retired Judge Albert W. Ludwig, both from the Provincial Courts of Alberta.Unbiased

The initial Executive Officers of the Association were Sylvia Ko Couper (President), Tu Phan (Vice President) and Penelope Waters (Secretary/Treasurer).

An Advisory Council was formed with representatives from the Provincial Court, Provincial and Federal prosecutors, members belonging to the Provincial Calgary Bar Association and ACIA’s initial members. Other members were subsequently added to the Advisory Council from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a representative from Bow Valley College Continuing Education Program.

As a result of a name change requested by Alberta Service on September 10, 2010, the official name of the Association became the ALBERTA COURT INTERPRETERS ASSOCIATION (ACIA). ACIA is now governed by an elected Board of Directors and an appointed Executive Council.

Currently the Association has over 60 active members, some of them with over 20 years of court experience.  All members have met ACIA’s guidelines to work as court interpreters. Some are graduates from the pioneering Bow Valley College Interpreter for Justice Certificate Program.  Our members cover a combination of English and over thirty other languages, including American Sign Language. Our members are provided with proper identification badges to use at work.

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